patent landscaping::

i2r Medical is using patent landscaping
as a powerful innovation tool::

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The patent landscaping technique can be used to

Detailed patent information and analysis


Example of a patent landscape

patent landscape maps

Example of a Citation Analyis

citation maps

Patent Intelligence charts



Patent landscaping is rapidly becoming a preferred tool for analysing patents due to the volume of information that can be processed and displayed in a meaningful way.
Based upon their experience in product development i2r Medical has developed methodologies that take this technique even further.

i2r Medical will seek to understand the subject matter from the inventors perspective and then use information gathered during the Patent Landscaping to guide the product development process.

The patent landscaping technique can be used to:

  • Conduct comprehensive prior art research with global patent data and scientific literature.
  • Help determine patentability and potential FTO issues.
  • Transform high volumes of data into meaningful information.
  • Provide a key input into the innovation process.
  • Link to a product development strategy.
  • Identify potential commercial partners.
  • Provide information regarding R&D activity in a particular technology area.


  • i2r Medical utilises the Thomson Innovation software from Thomson Reuters and currently runs the highest level Analyst subscription.
  • Includes Derwent enhanced patent database which contains Patent data from the major world-wide patenting authorities and plain English abstract translations for national patents. e.g. Japan.
  • Includes access to additional data such as Research Disclosures and Corporate Tree structures.

patent landscape maps::

  • Patent landscape maps can be used to visualise patterns of technology on a global scale. Up to 30,000 patents can be presented in one map.
  • The landscape map proves a valuable resource for searching prior art and determining where your innovation fits in relation to it.

citation maps::

  • Citation maps show patents that have been cited during the examination process. It can useful for determining potential target companies and also possible hurdles in obtaining a patent.

patent intelligence::

  • A variety of charts can be produced to determine Top Assignees, Top Inventors, Publication Trends etc.
  • Patent Landscaping can provide comprehensive insights into innovation trends, competitor position, identify gaps and opportunities and geographical hot spots.

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